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Chibi Great Escape is an addictive and intensive casual style arcade game.

Simple control, not rocket science. There is no Frankenstein, but we have donuts, and Chibi!

The donuts do look delicious, but they are extremely dangerous. Proceed with caution!

Why the donuts become explosives? Don't ask, I don't know, just not as deadly as candies and soda!

Don't panic, don't slow down, keep running and dodge like a pro!!

Survive as long as you can, don't forget to grab the coins. Be greedy or not? Your call.

Collect and use coins to unlock special characters from rangers to alpaca to baby to even vampire!!


Simple control.

Addictive, challenging and endless gameplay.

Colourful , fun and cute little chibi at your command.

Difficulty increase the longer you survive.

No energy bar, no hearts, no need to refuel. No Refueled Play as much as you like, and show us what you get!

Coming updates:

Our Lord GhostBi is incoming, brace yourself. GhostBi is little, cute and funny, not just a cute little ghost, but the icon of the evil Chibi. Its not the same horror you get from Goosebumps.

GhostBi is coming soon along with further more new stuff!! Be prepare.

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